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Learn, experience and measure your own unique style of creativity. Discover how people and teams can learn to synchronize their different ways of thinking, respect differences and work together much more innovatively and enjoyably.

What is the Basadur CPS Profile?

Problem Solving Style Measurement

The Basadur Creative Problem Solving Profile (CPSP) Inventory measures an individual’s unique blend of preferences for the four stages of the creative process. By plotting one’s Inventory scores on a two dimensional graph, an individual can display his or her own preferred blend of the four different stages. One’s largest quadrant on the graph represents one’s preferred or dominant style, while the sizes of the other quadrants represent supporting orientations in turn. The resulting unique blend of styles is one’s profile.

Each unique style reflects individual preferences for ways of gaining and using knowledge. Some people prefer to understand things more by experiencing while others prefer to use abstract thinking and analysis to understand. Also, some prefer to use understanding for generating options while others prefer to use understanding to evaluate options.

One major goal of the Basadur Profile is to tap resources in all four styles to help the individual, team or organization cycle smoothly through the complete innovation process of finding good problems to solve, developing solutions to those problems, and implementing the solutions. Another goal is to capitalize on an individual’s preferred orientation, thus making his or her work more satisfying. It may also point out development opportunities, because just because a person has a preferred orientation it is very possible to increase skills in all four stages of the creative process by training or coaching.

Not A Personality Test

The Basadur CPS Profile is not a personality test. Some organizations ask their employees to take personality tests to determine their individual thinking and problem solving styles. However, employees fear the potential uses of the test results. They wonder if they will be shuffled around and or asked to change their personalities if their tests show them to be a poor fit for their job.

Constructing the Basadur Profile is much less formal and less threatening. It measures states, not traits. It is a tool to help an individual, team, or organization understand how to increase creativity and innovation in a supportive environment. No one profile, or style, is considered more “creative” than any other. All styles require creativity, merely different kinds of creativity, each one contributing uniquely to the overall creative process and innovative results.

A Well-Designed Tool

The Basadur Creative Problem Solving Profile is a tool designed to help an individual, team or organization understand how to increase creativity and innovation in a supportive environment.

We often use the terms “creative” or “innovative” to describe people who seem full of ideas, adventurous. But how often do we say the same thing of ourselves? How often do we acknowledge that we are as creative and original as our colleagues?

Applied creativity is the key to innovation. We can’t be innovative – as individuals or as organizations – if we don’t allow ourselves to think differently, question our assumptions or take calculated risks. Creativity and innovation allow us to anticipate what our customers want, to develop and market new products and services ahead of our competitors, to create and maintain competitive advantage. They are essential ingredients for any organization’s continued success in the marketplace.

Everyone one of us is creative, no matter what job we are doing. We simply demonstrate our creativity in different ways. The challenge is making sure that we can express our creativity by fostering a work environment where new ideas are welcomed, where trying something different is encouraged, and where making mistakes is recognized as an important part of learning.

What is Your Problem Solving Style?

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