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Exclusive Level I & II: Using and Leading Applied Creativity Workshop

This special workshop is especially designed for smaller groups and combines all aspects of Simplexity Thinking Level I and Level II outlined above. This three-day workshop first builds individuals’ skills in proactively seeking out
 problems and opportunities and implementing creative solutions on the job.
 This includes understanding the nature of problems and using a process to
 creatively deal with them for positive change. In the latter half of the workshop participants build skills in facilitating small groups through the 
Simplexity Thinking process and gain a deeper grasp of the Simplexity Thinking system, pre-consulting, meeting roles, phases, group dynamics and debriefing.
 Participants facilitate actual problem solving meetings. Not only do these 
skills improve the ongoing productivity of teams, but participants also gain
 a greater understanding of Simplexity Thinking and its use in formal and informal situations.

Some Feedback From This Workshop

"I've taken a Problem Solving workshop in the past – it taught more tools – but this was much more process oriented – I'm glad I came."

"I liked having the charts always available, willingness of trainers to be available for coaching and questions, facilitators were very patient and affirming, and the way each step of the process was explained then practiced."

"The full facilitation process with a coach allowed for a great practice run with low stress."

"Can't wait for my company to 'approve' the next level of training. Great group of people. Awesome facilitation! "

"The format of the workshop was excellent. I feel I'll be able to remember and employ the process. Your trainer was the best instructor and facilitator I have seen."

Duration: Three full days.
No pre-requisite.

Note: This workshop is fast paced and meant for senior executives and managers.
Contact Information:
Contact Name: Brenda Andrew
Phone: 905-690-4903
Fax: 905-689-7510  
Email Address: bandrew@basadur.com


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