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The Basadur Creative Problem Solving Profile Inventory (CPSP) Certification Workshop

Held: Second evening during Level I and accelerated Level I & II workshop.

Workshop available by registration when registering for Level I & II Workshop.

Certified users are trained and authorized to purchase and administer the Basadur Creative Problem Solving Profile Inventory as both a training and development device,
and a research instrument.

The Basadur Creative Problem Solving Profile (CPSP) Inventory:

  • Is a proprietary tool for discovering your own creative style and respecting those of others.
  • Each of us has our own unique blend of creative styles, called the Basadur Applied Creativity Profile.

BENEFITS of the Basadur Creative Problem Solving Profile (CPSP) Inventory Instrument’s uses include:

  • Increase emphasis and understanding of innovation as a complete process.
  • Increase sensitivity to individual differences in styles of creativity.
  • Organization of more effective teams for increased creativity by synergizing individual similarities and differences.
  • Provide groups with a method to improve the quantity and quality of interactions.
  • Provide a model for individuals and teams to use to create and complete important projects.
  • Design special organizational infrastructures to encourage more creative performance.
  • Identify training and development opportunities for individuals, teams and organizations.
  • A measure of creative problem solving style in research.

Workshop consists of:

  1. Thorough grounding via experiential training in the basic Simplexity Thinking? system as it is applied in business and industry.
  2. Exposure to leadership skill training in the process.
  3. Thorough grounding in the theory and research work completed and on-going upon which the CPSP is based.
  4. Coaching in how the Basadur CPSP may be used by practitioners and researchers.

Prerequisite: Using Applied Creativity (Simplexity Thinking Level I).

    •    $495 US or Canadian having completed the pre-requisite Level I Workshop previously.

Note: this training is included as part of Level III.


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