We expect a lot from our politicians. We demand that they simultaneously prepare for the future while preserving our heritage; protect the vulnerable while enabling the strongest among us to excel; and build tomorrow’s cities and countries while balancing today’s budgets. With challenges like that, success can only come when the brightest of minds are given the tactics, tools and processes that allow them to collaborate on solutions.

In recognition of the complex challenges they face, municipal councillors in the town of Pelham, Ontario are proposing to use our Simplexity system (www.basadur.com) to explore creative solutions to a variety of key issues across their community.

With an initial question of How Might We Improve the Quality of Life in Pelham?, specific action plans have been created to explore ways to improve customer service, identify areas of opportunity and speed up council decision making.

“Council instructed staff to draft a corporate policy detailing the innovative problem solving process and how it will be embedded into our Town’s organizational structure,” said Mayor Dave Augustyn in a press release recently issued by the town. (www.pelham.ca)

Transforming the creative culture has been on the agenda in Pelham over the last year. Councillors and staff have been trained in using the Simplexity creative problem solving process. Several tough political challenges have recently been successfully tackled using the process, rather than the traditional political approach of debate. Over the coming months, the town intends to begin engaging the public in problem solving as part of its regular consultation process.