Do you understand the innovative styles of your teams?

Understanding your team styles can lead to more collaborative & innovative teams.

Do your teams experience tension that you’d like to solve?
Does your team appreciate individual differences?
Would you like groups you lead to drive more innovation?


What can you discover?

Around the world, teams are formed with incredible people that have incredible skills. When teams are formed over time, the collective strengths of the team are difficult to evaluate.  

  • What is the propensity for your team to come up with new ideas? 
  • How strong is your teams’ ability to execute new undertakings?
  • How respectful are your team members to different styles of thinking?


Take the Profile

How would your team map?

By having a team take the Basadur Profile, we can map individual innovative styles and see where your team prefers to contribute to the innovative process. 

Utilized by organizations like Microsoft, SAP, and Harvard University, the Basadur Profile provides incredible insight to leaders to not only build more peer-to-peer empathy but to drive innovation and new ideas.

Below is a sample report that presents a team’s preferred style of innovative thinking.  Understanding these preferred states of mind during the innovation process, or any project undertaking, is a catalyst to improving team performance.



Team Leader Next Steps

  • Try the profile to see your preferred innovative thinking style. 
    We invite you to take a complementary profile to learn your own style and begin to see the power of mapping out your entire team. TAKE A COMPLEMENTARY PROFILE
  • Schedule a profile debrief for your team.  Upon completion of a team profile map, we offer sessions that help leaders, & their teams, develop an understanding of each other and the power that already exists to stimulate greater innovation in any organization. SCHEDULE A DeBRIEF
  • Learn how to run a debrief session in your organization. We help internal team leaders run Profile debrief sessions within their organizations.  SCHEDULE A PROFILE CERTIFICATION TRAINING.

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