Short-Term Gain, Long Term Pain!

Is your organization balancing the needs of the short term with where the opportunity lies in the future?

Short-Term Gain, Long Term Pain!


If the short-term needs of a few didn’t affect innovation so often, we would think this style of influencing an organization would be comical. The truth is, there are countless examples where short term decisions far outweigh the importance on the long term, that is mind boggling.

Short sighted, fly by the seat of the pants decisions often lead to the exact opposite result we are looking for.

If we want to see our organization grow, there MUST be a balance of focus on tasks that require legitimate urgency and tasks that ensure survival.

How Can This Affect Innovation?

Myopic focus of a small few just doesn’t work.  In fact, it doesn’t work in any relationship.  

Innovation is about finding a balance between all stakeholders of a company.  Not to mention, the investing public looks for companies that have this balance.  They look for companies that have significant new products on the horizon and significant research and development budgets.  

Rarely, do the people that look into investing long term into organizations focus on questions like, “How many people have you laid of recently?” 

Summary Of Learnings

  • To maintain growth, organizations are best rewarded when they deliberately and continuously find and solve valuable short term and long term problems.  
  • Often solutions to these problems can yield changes in the form of new and better products, services and procedures.
  • It’s important that all people in an organization have some time to think about the future problems/opportunites that they could be faced with.
  • Innovation is perennial.  Short term problems will always exist in a company. Giving some real estate in the mind to the long term increases both value and chances of survival.
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