The Basadur Profile: The Catalyst To Innovative Teams

A world-class tool for discovering the innovative thinking structure of a team.

Are you a leader of innovation? Are you part of a team?
Below we invite you to take a complimentary Basadur Profile and learn your own preferred innovative thinking style…
Which type of thinker are you?
Step 1 – Discover your preferred thinking style.

Upon completion of your own profile, you will have full access to the individual results of your preferred thinking style.

With this report, you will be armed with a deeper understanding of your personal innovative thinking preferences and strengths.

Step 2 – Map the collective thinking styles of a team.

Alone, your profile results are valuable, but where the magic really happens is when an entire team takes the profile and we can assess the thinking styles of the entire team.

Armed with a team map, leaders can see the innovative positioning of the group and easily diagnose opportunities to build stronger team empathy, encourage better collaboration, and ignite innovation.

Step 3 – Lead teams to better innovation.
Not Enough Conceptualizers

What can a team profile tell you?

The actual profile to the left shows us this team has a tendency to want to execute but very little interest in coming up with new ideas. (Every teams profile is different)

By understanding the map of a team’s thinking preferences with those required to innovate, there is an opportunity to customize dialogue & develop collaboration to help teams to succeed on the path of solving the thorniest of problems.


What’s next?

A scientifically validated tool utilized by the likes of SAP, Microsoft and more, Basadur has developed turnkey programs to help leaders build stronger more innovative teams.

By assessing your own preferred thinking style, you begin to see the value in understanding the innovative foundation of any team you are part of.

It’s time to take your profile & discover your preferred style.

Does your team have the foundation to innovate? The answer is a resounding YES!

Everyone is an innovator. Let us show you how.

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