Building innovative teams that can think out of the box starts with you!


Are you a team leader? Take a complimentary profile to learn your thinking style and begin the process of understanding the innovative structure of your teams.

Do your teams experience tension that you’d like to help solve?
Do your team members appreciate each other’s unique thinking style?
Do you want to move the needle on your team’s ability to innovate?


By assessing each team member’s preferred innovation style, you get a clear picture of how a team prefers to think collectively.

If a team is skewed too heavily in one style and lacks cognitive diversity, the team may have a tendency to “skip” valuable components of collaboration.

Each style is equally valued in the innovation process so people develop an open mindset towards each other.

This open mindset transcends to more empathetic, collaborative teams that will drive successful innovation.

Teams that are empathetic also trust each other better. 

There are 4 preferred thinking styles on all teams. 

thinking style

Teams come in all shapes and sizes. Here is a map of a team with not enough Generators…

map the team

The diagram above is an actual case study that reveals an organizational culture that favors analysis and quick fixes to short-term efficiency problems. By rewarding the implementers, whose efforts are seen as hands-on actions, there’s no incentive for people (Generators) to create new possibilities, challenges, ideas, or problems. Teams with this structure can often fail to develop adequate new products.

Curious about how your team would map? 

Let’s start with you!

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