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see all simplexity in action here

At Basadur, we are proud to work with some of the most progressive organizations in the world.

Potential Dialogue Institute, has been working for over 25 years helping organizations improve communication.

PDI works with world class organizations to provide conflict resolution, change management, sales and business development and team effectiveness.

Peter Nixon the founder of Hong Kong based PDI provided us some insight to how the simplexity tool box integrates within his practice.

What do you feel is a common roadblock to “INNOVATIVE THINKING” or “COLLABORATION” in the organizations you work with. This answer might pertain to other aspects of your organization, Simplexity creative thinking or both.?

We work mainly with clients in Asia and we have discovered a main blockage to innovation is the absence of blocks of time set aside to think about doing things differently – after time to innovate, the main issue is Asian culture’s value to conformity rather than go against the grain seems to prevent opportunities for change – invent in the West and copy in the East is still a very real issue for Asia but there are exceptions and they are marvelous to see .

Simplexity encourages both dedicated time to innovation and the need to accept unconventional ideas.  Coupled with the tools from PDI that strengthen communication and adhering to the Simplexity “rules” of accepting all ideas in creativity, our clients go on to develop incredible solutions.

Describe your business on a high level and some of the focus you provide your clients.

Prior to lockdown we did in person and now we do online. Previously, our main activity was facilitating groups to think and learn together to achieve optimal outcomes in challenging work situations.

Now, more than ever, we realize the need to think progressively with our clients – In terms of Simplexity, we work with clients to clearly define the new problems and set out using the process “how might we” to develop great ideas and build momentum faster in such a time of change.

What outcomes or what resonates most about simplexity with your clients?

Using respectful divergent thinking and convergent thinking, our clients have always loved to see all the issues/opportunities that come from their experiences on the wall at the same time weighted so they can figure out next steps.  

They are often fascinated to see the mass of ideas they are capable of with a better process of expressing, communicating and innovation.

What resonates with us is that both Basadur and PDI support the concept of including all stakeholders in the innovation and communication process.  Finding the best way forward can only begin when all the voices participate.  We believe strongly that some of the best solutions can come from those that previously were quiet, disrespected or feared speaking up.

The truth is, we are all in new ideas together.


We recommend you watch the video below to learn more about PDI and the importance of eliminating many dialogue gaps.

see all simplexity in action here

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