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Do you enjoy building more collaborative teams?

Are you interested in helping organizations build innovative cultures?

Are you ready to lead teams to embrace the power of diversity? 

Your clients, more than ever, are looking for opportunities to build strong, collaborative, and innovative teams.  

Our programs mentor coaches in implementing the best practices to achieve innovative results for not only their clients but to augment their existing processes.

1. Basadur Profile Certification For Collaborative Team Building

The Basadur Profile is a scientifically proven assessment tool that allows organizations to see the collective thinking styles of their team members.  When teams understand how each individual prefers to think in a collaborative process, coaches can uncover common tensions in relationships that can be leveraged into positive energy.

Upon completion of the Basadur Profile Certification, coaches and consultants will be able to lead and conduct a Basadur Profile team workshop. This process will empower colleagues by helping them to appreciate and embrace differing innovative styles.  You will be able to conduct workshops where teams are motivated to work together and unleash their true innovative potential.  

“The Basadur Profile is typically part of every workshop we run”

Jonathan Bannister

2. Innovation Facilitation Certification For Coaches.

Once teams are versed with their own innovative style, they become more open to their team’s capabilities in generating new ideas and solving complex problems for their organization. Attendees of this course will learn the Simplexity Innovative Process through experiential learning. Coaches will utilize their own, real-world problems, to navigate the process of innovation and render innovative solutions.  They will develop deep confidence in facilitating the process to achieve innovative results with their own clients. 

Upon completion of our Innovation Facilitation course, coaches will be able to assemble teams that have the potential to uncover solutions to some of the most difficult challenges organizations are facing.

In-Person or Online Certification Offered

“There was a realization that everyone can contribute and what was originally seen as having competing agendas, teams began problem solving together as they realized they were more alike than different.”  

Shannon Wagers Procter & Gamble

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