Looking for Stronger Critical and Creative Thinking Skill in your Organization?

Everyone in your organization is capable of thinking more innovatively.

Creative and Critical Thinking Skills

For over 30 years, Basadur has been working with organizations to help reignite creativity.  Regardless of how your team currently thinks, they can all learn to think in a way to drive better collaboration and creative solutions.


What is critical and creative thinking?

Effective problem solvers must think both creatively and critically and these skills are actually complementary. If through creative thinking one can generate new and unusual possibilities, critical thinking helps organize, analyze and refine ideas, and make effective decisions for successful action.

Critical and creative thinking helps individuals and teams find, define and solve problems and opportunities, identify possible solutions and commit to implementing these solutions.   Many times, these solutions are not obvious at first and creative and critical thinking skills encourage asking the right questions, appreciating others to build consensus and applying other innovative skills and tools.  In addition, this approach can help resolve conflicts in the workplace. When individuals consider a range of possible approaches to solving a problem, rather than relying on bias or snap judgments, misinformation and assumptions, with creative and critical thinking skills, they are more likely to collaborate better, overcome challenges and meet business goals.

How can you increase critical and creative thinking in your organization?

Critical and creative thinking are valuable competencies that are the basis for innovation and problem-solving.  The good news is that they are skills that can be trained and developed. Does your organizational culture stimulate and foster these skills? How can you create an environment that welcomes and encourages these skills among employees? How can you build your critical thinking skills and then pass those skills on to your team? We have the solution.

Creative and Critical Thinking Sessions

Our open, active, and hands-on creative and critical thinking programs are offered in-person and remotely.  Upon completion of our programs, all of your team will enjoy having greater respect for their ability to think in a more productive “out-of-the-box” way.

What will you get?

  • Individual Basadur Profile reports for ALL team members to help them understand their preferred thinking and problem-solving style. 
  • Team Scatter Diagram. See the overall style and cognitive diversity of your team to develop a greater appreciation of why they might prefer certain tasks over others.
  • Profile and Scatter Diagram Debrief. An engaging and in-depth debrief that is perfect for team building
  • A fast-paced, hands-on, interactive session that engages your team while applying tangible creative and critical thinking skills to real-world problems.
  • Your team will increase confidence that they can be open-minded and think creatively & critically together.
  • A motivated team with ownership and commitment to make solutions work


Ready to Take the Next Step?

We look forward to partnering with you to increase critical and creative thinking skills within your organization to achieve amazing business results.

Contact us and register for a Creative and Critical Thinking Session for your team.

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