Not Enough Conceptualizers  


What if your team doesn't have enough implementers

Not Enough Conceptualizers

Describe the team:

A team of restaurant managers located in Southeast Asia took the Basadur profile test to determine what learning styles each of their employees are categorized as. As you can see on the chart, there is a common trend that the managers tend to be implementers.

Some of the common characteristics of implementers include:

  • Enjoy getting things done and being involved in new experiences
  • Excel at adapting to specific circumstances and making things work
  • Like to try things out for real rather than mentally test them
  • Risk takers: they don’t need to completely understand something before taking action
  • Willing to try as many approaches as necessary until they find one that works for everyone
  • Enthusiastic and at ease with others, but can appear impatient or even pushy when moving in action

Not Enough Conceptualizers


Our observations:

The characteristics that describe implementers is a well suited style for fast-paced businesses like the service industry. With that said, having too many implementers and not enough conceptualizers can take away from seeing long term solutions and results within the workplace.

The management team wanted to learn a more comprehensive approach to problem solving with the hopes of looking at long-term solutions to process problems. After taking this test and with successful training, the team learned how to slow down and spend more time defining and understanding problems and more options before implementing solutions.

Things to consider:

One of the biggest things to consider when you are analyzing the work environment of a restaurant is the speed that it’s employees work at. During lunch and dinner rushes, it is hard to take the time to brainstorm long term solutions for the problems they are being faced with. What we would recommend for a team that is stacked with implementers and optimizers is to use the slower hours to train management and general staff on the skills that conceptualizers have.

In doing so, this would allow the restaurant managers to think of long term solutions and implement those solutions when it is necessary.

Are you interested in understanding the different learning styles and capabilities each member of your team has? Take the Basadur profile test!


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