Self Awareness Reduces The Thinking of “My Way Or The Highway”

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Describe your business on a high level and some of the focus you provide your clients.

Jump Curve ( is an innovation advisory and training firm focused on helping corporates, SMEs, startups, and government and development sector deliver outcomes using internationally patented methodologies.

The Jump Curve team has delivered acknowledged value to firms around the world in areas including:
• Strategic planning
• Innovation and problem solving
• Facilitating corporate-startup linkages
• Business process re-engineering
• Digital transformation
• Manufacturing excellence
• Change Management
• People Development
• Executive Coaching
• Mentoring, incubation, networking and fundings support for Startups and SMEs

What do you feel is a common roadblock to “INNOVATIVE THINKING” or “COLLABORATION” in the organizations you work with. This answer might pertain to other aspects of your organization, simplexity creative thinking or both.

There are several roadblocks. Some key ones include:
1. Existing culture of the organization and leadership mindset and behaviour (e.g. “my way or the highway” or “I know it all”)
2. Functional silos and desire to maintain status quo
3. Frequent use of killer statements
4. Lack of a strucutured process for innovation and probelm solving
5. Lack of understanding of benefits to an organization that invests in development of innovative thinking skills of its people

How long have you been integrating Simplexity into your organization?

We have incorporated simplexity into our practice for over 4-7 years. 

How important do you feel it is in your environment for people to understand how they think innovatively? 

Self-awareness is a great starting point which enables improvement in oneself. In our society, people hardly assess their “thinking” skills let alone “innovative thinking skills”. The uncertainties and new challenges faced by organizations in the Corona World requires them to learn and practice innovative thinking skills to help them structure more creative and impactful solutions whilst maximising engagement of their people in the process.  

Jump CurveDo you utilize the Basadur Profile with your clients?

If Yes, how do you utilize the Profile?

We utilise the profile to help the client become more self aware and develop deeper insights into their thinking and problem solving preferences, its implications and steps they can take to further improve their empathy, creativity and collaboration skills as a team.

How Important do you feel is it for people to understand their thinking styles and thinking styles of others on their team.

Very Important.

How Do you utilize Simplexity In your business? 

We primarily utilize Simplexity in our business to help clients solve their strategic challenges and train them to develop and improve their creativity and problem solving skills.

We also use Simplexity to formulate and validate our company strategy and achieve consensus on a way forward.

Jump Curve

What outcomes or what resonates most about simplexity with your clients? 

Our clients repeatedly tell us that Simplexity helped them in the following ways:

– Helped them develop a culture and system of innovation and collaboration
– Opened their minds to new possibilities and options or those they previosuly thought were not possible
– It energised them as a team towards execution
– Learned a structered process that helped them more easily navigate the change management process

Upon completion of a Facilitation or otherwise, what skills do you feel stick most with the individuals. e.g How Might We? Diverging / Converging ? Others

– Divergence
– How Might We
– Active Listening 

Can you provide an example of an OUTCOME (without naming the businesses) where tangible results occurred?

With one of our clients, Simplexity was utilised to help them develop their strategic goals and revamp their existing performance management system with a much improved one by utilizing the creativity of their people.

see all simplexity in action here

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