I’m always pleased and encouraged I have stories from people who have undergone the Simplexity training process, successfully put what they learned into practice in their workplace and excitedly let me know how well it worked for them.

I received a message like that from a director of business development at one of the world’s largest software development companies, who used the Simplexity process and the skills she learned in one of our Basadur Applied Creativity workshops to design and lead a meeting of company executives and regional distributors.

The meeting was a facilitated customer feedback session intended to give the distributors and suppliers an opportunity to share ideas, thoughts, questions and concerns with key executives in the company’s marketing group, many of whom had also undergone Simplexity training.

In her message to me, the director said the training she’d received with us gave her the confidence and skills to identify key challenges in her role as a meeting facilitator, put together a plan that prepared everyone for the meeting, and create a meeting flow that facilitated open and focused dialogue while achieving objectives and capturing key issues.

The result, she says, was a meeting that built trust and a sense of connection between the company and its partners. An open and honest exchange of information helped identify regional issues and provided the executives with key feedback for shaping future strategies, while the distributors learned what they needed to plan for moving their businesses forward. Executives rated the session as one of the most effective they had attended, while distributors gave high satisfaction ratings on session feedback forms.

By bringing together the Simplexity process and trained staff equipped with creative problem solving skills and a positive mindset, the company was able to leverage a short meeting into a key information gathering and trust building exercise.