Unleash the secret power of diversity, equity and inclusion.

Learn to use DEI to your advantage. 


By expanding diversity to also include cognitive diversity (How people think), and by providing the skills and tools to use diversity as a measurable advantage, we build more productive, collaborative, and innovative teams.


Why is DEI important to innovative organizations?

There is a powerful connection between diversity, equity, inclusiveness (DEI) and innovation.   An inclusive culture encourages and embraces each team member’s diverse and equally valued perspective and contribution.  When people feel included and have a sense of belonging, they engage, contribute and collaborate better.

The fear of negative evaluations from group members prevents people from sharing their ideas, especially if these ideas are original. Negative evaluations can be based on age, gender, race, ethnicity, education, how people think, or professional and personal experiences. DEI is important to innovative organizations because it can lead to a group’s willingness to expend effort to achieve a thorough and rich understanding of the group task or problem at hand.

Is your organization wondering where to start with DEI? We can help you infuse your leadership and corporate culture with greater diversity, equity, and inclusion that will contribute to your company’s DEI strategy to attract top talent and to drive tangible, innovative results for your company.

Our DEI programs offer a twist.

For over 40 years, we have been delivering programs aimed at helping organizations build a supportive, inclusive and innovative workplace culture. We utilize real problem-solving opportunities to show you how DEI gets you superior, collaborative results. Our programs clearly convey both why DEI is important, what inclusion actually looks like, and how each team member is part owner in actually growing the business.

What will you get?

  • Individual Basadur Profile reports for ALL team members to help them understand their preferred thinking and problem-solving style. 
  • Team Scatter Diagram. See the overall style and cognitive diversity of your team to develop a greater appreciation of why they might prefer certain tasks over others.
  • Profile and Scatter Diagram Debrief. An engaging and in-depth debrief that is perfect for team building
  • A Working Session. Utilizing actual organizational problems,  people will learn the skills and tools that enable the team to practice DEI and use it for better results.
  • Each member of your team will feel valued, included, encouraged, and motivated to contribute more and tackle problems collectively.
  • Your team will develop a culture of increased openness, respect for differences, and understanding. 

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