Organizational progress hinges on a functional process of innovation

Build collaborative teams to solve innovative problems


Organizations have many functioning departments that make it run smoothly and successfully.  All employees are instrumental in accomplishing their own assignments but seeing their value within the larger picture is instrumental to process function.  Battlenecks, people-centered interferences that block change efforts, can cause problems.  A lack of motivation to implement solutions, when people are meant to be working together, makes it difficult for progress to occur.  

“Doing it” and “making plans to do it” are two totally different things; and breaking old patterns of doing is challenging.


Management must clearly establish a functional process that motivates everyone to work together to identify problems and then carry them out effectively.   

Successful businesses accept problem solving as a natural part of their evolution.  They realize that innovative results equals content plus process plus process skills.  Remaining committed to the process of innovation will provide the platform necessary for continuous organizational progress.

Businesses must work hard at working together and management must be committed to a functional process of innovation in order to cultivate progress.

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