Basadur Profile Innovative Team Building Workshops

Once you have completed your TEAM profile, a facilitated session drastically improves the collaborative and innovative culture of any team.

Do you want to build innovative teams that communicate in a completely open yet respectful way?

Do your teams experience “style” tensions that you’d like to resolve?

Do your team members appreciate each other’s unique thinking differences?

Basadur Profile Team Building Workshop

Part #1 Take The Basadur Profile

To begin with, all members of your team take the Basadur Profile to map individual innovative styles and reveal where your team prefers to contribute to the innovative process.  In order to understand the team culture, it’s important to see the styles of each member of an organizational team.
There are 4 preferred thinking styles on all innovative teams.
fact finding

Part #2 Map The Team

Teams come in so many shapes and sizes.  Each one is unique.

What does your cognitive diversity look like?

The diagram below is an actual case study that reveals a team culture that favors analysis and quick fixes to short-term efficiency problems.  

They are proud of their “firefighting” abilities.  The heavy imbalance in favor of implementers, whose preferences are for quick action and reliance on trial-and-error, means that the team typically spends little or no time discovering valuable new opportunities or creative new ideas.

This team finds itself constantly reacting and pivoting in their environment.

With the Basdaur Profile you will discover YOUR teams strengths and weaknesses and this leads to better innovation!

How would your team map?

Part #3 Bring The Team Together

Our in-person or online workshops (2-4 hours) will facilitate discussions among your team that allow them to tear down walls and build bridges to working together more collaboratively and innovatively.

This is a catalyst to innovation.

We offer interactive exercises and discussions that enable rich participation and introspection.

Part #4  The Results – A More Innovative Team

Teams start collaborating in any organizational setting together with greater empathy, appreciation of each other, and greater motivation to work and achieve innovative results together.  

Colleagues will understand others on their teams in an entirely new way.

Where once a colleague was viewed as an annoyance or liability, they will now be considered a valuable complementary asset.

Your team begins to understand their capabilities to innovate and is now ready to solve problems better together.

Are you ready to build a culture of innovation?

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