Lessons In Innovative Thinking

We can learn a great deal from the experience of others.

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Sometimes the best place to learn things is from stories of the past. Below, we share our Lessons In Innovation from our book, A Flight To Creativity.  Enjoy!
innovative problem solving

Innovative Problem Solving Supports Continuous Improvement in Organizational Cultures

A meeting without mind

Putting judgments aside fosters teamwork and meetings with purpose

Head office says we have to do it this way

By aligning customer and organizational challenges, everyone wins

Why didn’t you say so

Define the right problem with the right people to find the right solution

All Talk, No Action

Create teams that take their innovative ideas and turn them into actions

Short Term Gain, Long Term Pain

Innovative Problem Solving Trump’s Immediate, Reactionary Solutions

Progress gets lip service

Organizational progress hinges on a functional process of innovation