Teams Find Innovation By Thinking Differently

Scatterbrains catalyzes your journey for embracing cognitive diversity for team success.

This is a Practical 60-Page Guide to understand the Innovation and Thinking Styles of People in any Team in service of effective Innovation and Problem Solving.  It includes a practical online Assessment ( to activate Team Insights immediately in the real world.


Included with your purchase of Scatterbrains is a FREE profile assessment – value $60

Guess your innovative style

By figuring out how you think in relation to others can be the key to unlocking your team’s innovative potential.

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Advanced Praise for Scatterbrains!

‘The Basadur method is unparalleled in its effectiveness in achieving superb coherent and cohesive innovative thinking among seemingly diverse minds and personas resulting in extraordinary insights, clarity, perspectives and results. A highly recommended technique for every entrepreneurial firm.’ 

Dr Silburn Clarke FRICS, FJCS, Founder & Chairman Spatial
Innovision Limited, Chairman Virexo Global Limited, Executive Chairman Senit Limited

‘I’m a bit of an assessment junkie and have used most of them in my work. While many are great for individual self-awareness, development, communication, and performance, only the Basadur Innovation Profile can help create the foundation and language for building innovative, high performing teams.  Finally, a book that makes the Basadur Profile available to the masses. If you are a novice or experienced innovator, this book will help you build teams that play to each person’s strengths, fill in each others’ gaps, and drive true innovation.’

Linda Quarles, Executive Director, Org Design frog.

‘While I was at John Deere, we used Min’s methods, incorporating The Basadur Profile, as part of the development of the 1-Series Compact Tractors, resulting in historic new product success.’

W. Scott Burleson, Senior Vice President , the AIM Institute

‘If you work with teams, you need to read this book immediately’.

Michael Goldsby, Ph. D., Stoops Distinguished Professor of Entrepreneurship, Ball State University

Learn How To Leverage The Basadur Profile

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    BAI doesn’t give you answers; it empowers you to find your own problems, reflect, plan, and ultimately take action.  Our scientifically supported innovation process supports your journey as a catalyst for embracing cognitive diversity as an essential part of individual and team success.

    Scatterbrains is designed to drive awareness of the Profile in order to enhance individual and team performance.  By learning your own style you gain insight into the cognitive thinking styles of others and how this plays an instrumental role in the process of innovation.  Style diversity leads to a more effective approach to innovation which can create endless opportunities for growth and innovation to flourish.

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    Learn How To Leverage The Basadur Profile

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