Basadur Simplexity Training & Certification

Learn the skills to drive, lead and apply innovation into your teams & real-life business situations.

Basadur Profile Certification
Create powerful, high-performing teams.

This 3-hour online workshop will let you understand people’s unique innovation styles, and how they form the basis for creating powerful, high-performing teams. Through experiential set-pieces, you’ll learn how to apply the Basadur Profile across the business spectrum. Once completed, you’ll be certified to administer it as a training, consulting and coaching device.

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Using The Basadur Simplexity Innovation System

Level 1

Certified Basadur Simplexity Practitioner
Your introduction to the unique Basadur system. Through an interactive, instructor-led online session, you’ll learn the process, skills and tools of innovation by applying them to real work-related problems of your own. You’ll walk away with a full understanding of the Basadur Profile, and how to use Simplexity Thinking to uncover hidden ideas that maximize results.

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Leading Basadur Simplexity Innovation Sessions

Level 2

Certified Basadur Simplexity Facilitator
In this workshop you’ll learn not just how to master Simplexity Thinking, but how to lead teams through the process yourself. In one-on-one interaction with others, and using existing teams, you’ll acquire the leadership skills that will enable your organization to make proactive change. Once completed, you’ll become a certified Simplexity Thinking Facilitator.

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Integrating & Applying the Basadur Simplexity Innovation System

Level 3

Certified Basadur Simplexity Integrator
This five-day intensive learning experience will expose you to the strong evidenced-based research on which the Simplexity Thinking system is based. You’ll learn how to adapt the process to your organization’s specific needs, and apply it to strategy, career development, collaboration, and the implementation of a company-wide innovation culture.

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Basadur Simplexity Train-the-Trainer

Level 4

Certified Basadur Simplexity Trainer
This 4.5-day workshop is for those who’ve completed Levels I – III and now want to train others in the unique Basadur system. It’s highly experiential, comprising hands-on teaching, coaching and instructional scenarios on the complete range of Basadur Profile and Simplexity Thinking skills. On completion, you’ll become a certified Simplexity Thinking Trainer.

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