Master The Science Of Innovation Consulting

Unlock new opportunities for organizations in all sectors.

With so many organizations seeking new sources of growth, it’s vital that Consultants be able to help them discover and capitalize on new opportunities.

Basadur Innovation Consultants, utilizing our research-based and field-tested innovation system, have helped clients in private, public, non-profit, charitable, and government organizations to solve complex challenges and change the competitive landscape.

Why is establishing consistent, engaging, clients so hard?

Innovation Consultants who don’t use an established and proven innovation approach will:

  • Have a hard time convincing potential clients of their credibility
  • Lack an effective, step-by-step process that engages people from generation of new problems and opportunities through to implementation of innovative solutions
  • Lack the core creative thinking skills required to manage people’s imagination and judgment productively
  • Not have access to high quality materials, courses, or training to support your work with clients
  • Lose clients who want partners with a more global reach
  • Find themselves stuck with an overly narrow range of possible clients

Do you have what it takes to drive innovation in others?

  • To simply explain how you work in a way that intuitively makes sense
  • Quickly reveal how people prefer to innovate and areas for opportunities of growth
  • Develop expertise in applying innovation as a process to help anyone creatively solve their problems
  • Leverage affiliation with a gold standard, innovation firm including utilizing branded materials to establish credibility with clients
  • Be able to partner with fellow experts around the globe to expand your reach

Our tools and training empower consultants to increase their clients innovative capacities in a number of ways.

  • Get certified in The Basadur Profile to quickly diagnose people’s thinking styles and innovation tendencies. Use this understanding to design and deliver a customized approach to get the best out of each individual.
  • Level 1 Training: Learn to use Basadur Simplexity’s process, skills, and tools to address complex and novel problems, opportunities, and possibilities. Leave having already applied Simplexity to at least one real work challenge that is important to you. 
  • Level 2 Training:  Develop your advanced leadership, facilitation, and team skills so you can help your clients leverage their diverse information, experience, and creativity to achieve results.  
  • Level 3 Training:  Deepen your mastery through participation in an intensive learning experience that combines exposure to the research underpinnings of Simplexity with intensive hands-on application to a variety of complex problems.
  • Level 4 Training: Consultants with level 4 training can run successful Simplexity skill building workshops, enabling their clients’ people to permanently change how they think and behave on a daily basis.  Teach and coach others so they are ready and able to apply what they have learned to real work in their organizations.
Why does consulting innovation matter

Unlock Possibilities by Enhancing your Skills as an Innovation Consultant

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