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Level III: Integrating the Basadur Innovation System

Date: TBD

Certified Basadur Simplexity Integrator.  This four day intensive hands-on learning experience Level III workshop provides an intensive learning experience is for leaders wanting to catalyze the use of Simplexity Innovative Thinking across their whole organization and make it a daily way of life.  You’ll learn to integrate the Basadur system to address your organization’s specific needs, increase collaboration and implement a company-wide innovation culture.

Pre-requisites: Level I & II Basadur Certification

All graduates are Certified as Basadur Integrators

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NEW: Basadur Profile Coaching Certification

Date: TBD



Blended Level I:
Using the Basadur Simplexity Innovation System

Date: TBD

A set of three online self-study pre-work modules each followed with an online instructor-led working session.

We live in an increasingly complex environment and more than ever, we are confronted with new situations that require new ways of thinking. The SIMPLEXITY INNOVATION PROCESS is a powerful approach to help you adapt to the fast pace of change.

This newly designed online blended learning course will help individuals, teams and organizations approach situations with initiative, imagination and tolerance of ambiguity

Certifiied Basadur Practioner


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