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Through time-tested facilitation, we can work with you to identify pressing problems, generate new ideas to solve them, and devise a tangible course of action to move forward.

Innovative Thinking

Sometimes, you simply reach an impasse. Your product is up and running, but it’s not shifting in the way you’d like. Your start-up is off the ground, but you need to attract new customers. You need to diversify, but your competitors seem to be doing that better than you.
When you know something’s not working but can’t quite work out why, it’s time for a Facilitated Workshop. In it you’ll tackle the actual problem you’re having trouble with, exploring all the issues thoroughly. By stripping things back, by examining the sticking point in its entirety, and most of all, by identifying and defining the real problem that needs solving, you’ll land on new ideas and a clear, tangible course of action.
Getting you thinking in different ways, the workshops take you through the Simplexity Thinking process, helping your teams work together more productively and sparking breakthroughs. The result is immediate solutions that get you moving.

Who is Innovation Facilitation for?

  • Businesses that find themselves stuck when it comes to new ideas. 
  • Any organization that’s reached a deadlock with its go-to-market strategy.
  • Organizations that need fresh, innovative ideas around new products and services.
  • Teams that are not collaborating as they should.
  • Start-ups having trouble moving to the next level.
  • Organizations looking to break with the old way of doing things.
  • Businesses needing to find the right mix of people in order to innovate.
  • Individuals and teams that, unwittingly or otherwise, are trying to solve the wrong problem.
  • Organizations needing to create and execute an overall strategic plan.
  • Organizations needing to overcome tactical challenges in a clearly defined way.

How can we help drive innovation?

  • To overturn the status quo when it comes to problem solving and ideas creation.
  • To overcome stumbling blocks that are preventing your company innovating and progressing.
  • To engage your team in a proven approach to problem solving.
  • To get you thinking differently.
  • To reinforce mutual respect and empathy for all members of your team.
  • To provide you with an understanding of your organization’s overall approach to innovation.
  • To ensure your organization is defining, and therefore solving, the right problem.
  • To provide team and group leaders with an unbiased, open-minded approach to the issue they are trying to resolve.

Remote or In-Person Facilitation

Until recently, all Facilitated Workshops were done face-to-face. We’re happy to say they can now be done remotely, thanks to simple online tools such as Zoom and Microsoft Teams. Participants in different geographical locations can be brought together to work on any challenge you want to address.

Since people can bring along their thoughts and ideas about a problem and air them during the session, thinking isn’t restricted to the duration of the workshop. And the online format lends itself perfectly to the convergent part of the process, where ideas and opinions can be discussed in an open and balanced way. In real time, everyone has a voice, everyone is listened to and all opinions are equally valued.

Other benefits include, of course, no travel costs, instant documentation (no flipcharts), and facilitation conducted in a controlled, even-handed way for the widest input and maximum collaboration.

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