The Basadur Profile Team Report

When your team collectively takes the profile, the results will immediately become the catalyst to your team becoming more collaborative and more innovative.

Get your Basadur Profile Team Report & Debriefing

Is your team full of idea generators, analytical thinkers or people that like to get things done?  The make up of your team can have a significant affect on the success of your innovation.

The Basadur Profile Team Report will help you quickly assess your team members preferred problem-solving styles. 

With our team debrief,  your team members will begin to appreciate their own innovative thinking style preferences and the need for style differences to generate stronger creativity in organizations.

With this knowledge, they will be well on their way to tackle problems in a far more collaborative way.  


Why Should Your Team Take The Profile?

“When I took the profile, I was almost brought to tears, as I discovered there was nothing wrong with the way I thought”

“As a result of taking the profile, I am far more patient with my team!”

“Taking the profile made turned one of my colleagues into an asset.  I quickly realized his way of thinking was not in conflict to me, but complementary to me” 




Next Step?  Once you understand the preferred thinking styles, it’s now time to measure the innovative performance of your team.

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