Measure The Cognitive Diversity Of Your Team

Cognitively Diverse Teams Lead To Stronger Innovation

For over 30 years, organizations have relied on the Basadur Profile to measure, evaluate, and structure innovative teams.


Why Measure Cognitive Diversity?

Now more than ever, companies are learning to cherish the valuable input created by fostering cognitive differences in their organizations. 

In organizations, cognitive diversity is the inclusion of people who have different styles of thinking, problem-solving, and engaging with new, uncertain, and complex situations.

There is a positive measurable correlation between teams who embrace cognitive diversity, and teams who exhibit high creativity, innovation and collaborative performance.

What does the cognitive diversity of your team look like?

Does your team have the right mix of new idea and opportunity generators, problem definers, solution optimizers, and people that like to get things done?

The makeup of your team can have a significant effect on the success of your innovation and ultimately, your organization.

Measure the cognitive differences of your team with the Basadur Profile.

What will you get?

  • ALL team members will get their own profile assessment report to help them understand their preferred thinking and problem-solving styles. 
  • Team leaders will receive a Team Scatter Diagram to help analyze both potential innovation “biases” and cognitive style “diversity” of the team. Share this with your team and watch the conversations explode.
  • Leverage our Profile Debriefs as a team-building exercise to help everyone embrace their cognitive strengths.

The Results!

  1. As a leader you will have the ability to identify and pinpoint tensions and eliminate many of them.
  2. Your team members will better understand their own preferred thinking and problem-solving tendencies and realize their value in innovative projects.
  3. Your team will understand and value the diverse thinking preferences of their team members in order to promote organizational success.
  4. Your team will begin to turn tensions into synergetic energy.
  5. With this knowledge, teams will be well on their way to tackling problems in a far more collaborative way.  

What are people saying?

“When I took the Profile, I was almost brought to tears, as I discovered there was nothing wrong with the way I thought.”

“As a result of taking the Profile, I am far more patient with my team!”

“Taking the Profile turned one of my colleagues into an asset.  I quickly realized his way of thinking was not in conflict with me, but complementary to me.” 


Ready to measure the cognitive diversity of your team?

Let’s help you structure stronger more collaborative teams.

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