The Basadur Profile allows individuals and organizations understand their preferred thinking style during the innovation process.  By mapping a team, the profile helps explain why a team may prefer one stage in innovation vs another.   How it works The first thing the Basadur Profile does is recognize that different people have different capabilities. Depending on the individual, one person’s approach to problem-solving and innovative thinking will be different to someone else’s.  Some people’s strengths lie in
convergent thinking
Successful innovation relies not only on skillful divergent thinking – the generation of fresh opportunities, possibilities, ideas, and options – but equally on skillful convergent thinking – the analysis,  evaluation,  selection and  development of the best ones to put into action. High quality convergent thinking requires special collaborative and open-minded behaviors to help teams avoid premature judgments. It’s imperative to listen carefully, engage in spontaneous, respectful discussion and reach real agreement during the convergent thinking
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Successful innovation at any level in any field depends upon skillful performance in two critical mental abilities – divergent thinking and convergent thinking. The optimum ratio of the two thinking processes differs greatly across different occupations and organizational functions. Let’s first define these abilities. Divergent thinking means expanding your thoughts and developing options in many different directions: searching for new trends, problems, possibilities & opportunities for change, defining problems from different angles, looking for different
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Innovative thinking and the ability to collaborate with others are among the top non- technical abilities reported as vital for 21st-century careers and for organizational competitiveness.  Innovative thinking is based on four fundamental skills and like all skills, they can be learned and developed to a very high level.  The application of these skills can significantly contribute to innovation and creativity for any organization. With the Simplexity Innovation Thinking Skills Certification, these essential thinking skills
garry gelade
Dear Friends & Colleagues, One of the very best things about what we do at Basadur Applied Innovation is that we get to meet and collaborate with special people, people who in their own way make the world a much better place. Garry Gelade, our dear friend, colleague and mentor, who passed away on July 5th, 2020, is one of the best examples of this fact. Beyond our sadness over his passing, it has been