• Diversity, equity and inclusion in business today
    Bob Basadur
    Countless studies have shown that a diverse workforce leads to greater levels of innovation and profitability. Diversity, equity, and inclusion are interconnected within the business world.  Countless studies have shown that a diverse workforce leads to greater levels of innovation and profitability.  Often they are used interchangeably as the evolution
  • Basadur
    Bob Basadur
    After completing high school, for once I didn’t know what to do next. I had always wanted to enroll in the local university, University of Toronto, but had not given thought to what course of study I should take. Engineering was suggested. I asked which engineering discipline would be the
  • Bob Basadur
    Origin of ‘how might we?’ In an interview (Full version below) with Gregg Fraley, Dr. Min Basadur discussed the origin of the phrase ‘how might we?’ and provided insight on structured creative problem solving. In 1971 Min had the opportunity and privilege to attend the Creative Problem Solving Institute, headed
  • How Might We Understand the history
    Min Basadur
    How Might We I and others have devoted a lifetime to teaching how innovation can really work and really make a difference.  It is far more than a mis-used phrase or slogan. There seems to be some discrepancy  with who originally coined the phrase “How might we?” and I would like
  • Disruptive Innovation
    Bob Basadur
    STANDARD DEFINITION In 1995 Clayton Christensen defined disruptive innovation as allowing something that was very expensive and only for a wealthy few, to become much cheaper and more widely available to the masses. An example of this might be Henry Ford’s development of the assembly line which made his dream
  • Bob Basadur
    The Basadur Profile allows individuals and organizations understand their preferred thinking style during the innovation process.  By mapping a team, the profile helps explain why a team may prefer one stage in innovation vs another.   How it works The first thing the Basadur Profile does is recognize that different people have