• Bob Basadur
    In more stable business climates of decades past, chief executives could leverage efficiency to achieve success. Closely managed corporate routines could be made a little quicker, a little smoother and a little cheaper to maximize profit and improve the bottom line. While that skill still has its place in the
  • Bob Basadur
    In the February 2012 Academy of Management publication “Perspectives”, Jackson Nickerson and his associates suggest that that management’s problem finding and problem solving ability is vital for organizational performance and provides a platform for scientific organizational design. Our own research and experience agree completely. See for example : 1.  Basadur, M.S. (1992).  Managing creativity:
  • Bob Basadur
    Albert Vollmer, the chair of Work and Organizational Psychology at  ETH Zurich, Switzerland, is leading  an applied research project called “Constructive Controversy for Innovation”. The goal is to introduce the concept  of Constructive Controversy for resolving conflicts in team innovation decision making.  The core of the  concept is the intellectual, or task conflict
  • Creativity and the Simplexity Thinking Process
    Bob Basadur
    Solving complex problems & building a roadmap for the future is hard work. You don’t need a “think tank,” but a “do tank.” How it works:A Simplexity Thinking group application session begins with a fuzzy situation, which, in our world, is an undefined problem or situation.  We have noticed that