Putting judgments aside fosters teamwork and meetings with purpose

Build A Collaborative Team To Solve Innovative Problems


The world in which we live is competitive.  As individuals find success they are compelled and even driven to one up or outdo their colleagues, peers, and even friends.  There’s a reason top executives are at the top, they’ve worked hard and beaten out the competition.  This is the mentality that can be instrumental or detrimental to an organization.

When meetings are called by management, they’re meant to provide a channel for individuals to collaborate and work together in solving problems.  Upon gathering, the team commonly understands the ‘what?’, but without a proper process, the ‘how?’ can suffer.  Being able to share openly is key, as telling the President only what you think he wants to hear is wasted time.  


If management isn’t able to put their egos aside, the effectiveness of teamwork dissipates and the business will suffer.  It is not uncommon for employees to be so wrapped up in competing with one another that the meeting ends with little to show.  However, utilizing the process and process skills will result in teamwork that is productive and informal interactions among employees will improve.

A successful meeting requires:

  • Participants to employ common process and process skills
  • Participants know their specific roles
  • Diversity in meeting participants, including all relevant parties
  • A defined meeting structure

In order to maximize the value of a meeting, there must be ownership of the problem and openness to diverse thoughts.  Everyone must be able to put their own judgments aside and engage in the established process.

Innovation within a group can only flourish if individuals understand and adhere to the organic intent of teamwork.  Successful meetings continuously engage all participants and adhere to a process of ownership, facilitation, and guidance.

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