Spark Your Clients To Be More Innovative

Provide the framework and language needed for improved innovative performance.

Basadur coaching certification provides you the confidence to unlock the client’s ability to collaborate and innovate so they thrive in uncertainty and innovate for tomorrow.

What role does innovation play in your practice? 

Coaches are being asked by clients how to:

  • Take more initiative
  • Elevate the capabilities of people to think and generate together
  • Achieve high internal trust and commitment
  • Engage people in an organizational changing process
  • Cultivate more resilience
  • Create an inclusive and psychologically safe environment
  • Help people understand each other better in terms of getting work done
  • Quickly get people collaborating and innovating at a high level of performance

How might you help your clients become more innovative and collaborative? 

As a coach, your mission is to empower your clients so they drive success inside their own organizations.  Good coaches do the following very well:

  • Bring people together to understand how different cognitive thinking styles can be leveraged to achieve. 
  • Recognize opportunities for growth.
  • Teach people and teams how to shift their mindset(s) to adapt and prosper in an ever-changing world. 
  • Empower diverse groups of people to work better together. 
  • Raise awareness of creativity and innovation-related characteristics that influence culture and performance.
  • Work with clients to understand common biases and roadblocks among different innovation styles.
  • Improve collaboration and the ability to constantly innovate new products and processes.
  • Help uncover sources of conflict and facilitate conversations to build empathy and appreciation.
  • Surface conflict and resolve it constructively based on innovative behavior preferences rather than personal attacks.
  • Provide a framework and language that is needed for effective self-coaching and improved innovative performance.

Hone your expertise in guiding collaborative innovation

Our experiential certification programs are designed to provide coaches with a research-based, field tested approach to foster new mindsets and to develop their clients’ innovative potential.

  • Cognitive diversity is vital for innovation – learn how to map and diagnose different innovation styles and understand how they affect success in the innovation process.
  • Using examples from global organizations, master the ability to synchronize innovative thinking styles in order to coach your clients to fuller creative expression.
  • Learn how to run interactive remote Basadur Profile debriefs – workbooks and slide decks provided.
  • Help your client discover new areas of opportunity to become more innovative.
  • Participate in a talent development role for your clients – help their top performers grow.
  • Use your expertise to build innovative cultures in their organizations.
  • Recognize how team/organization mindsets need to change when they are facing uncertainty and new challenges.

Each person attending Basadur Profile Certification receives 20 complimentary profiles to help you get started with your first client.  We want you to succeed!

Help your clients become more innovative.

Contact us today to drive collaboration, creativity, and growth.

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