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Utilize Basadur products & services to develop greater innovative thinking mindsets and strategies within your organization.

To better run your finances, you have accounting packages. For your communications and networks, you have IT solutions. While for your people, there are HR resources.

For over 40 years, Basadur consultants around the world have been working with fortune 500 companies to make innovative thinking and systems an integral, consistent part of any organizational strategy. 

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Innovation Assessment Tools
The Basadur Profile and InQ Survey are our proprietary innovation assessment tools.

Used by Fortune 500 companies across the world, the Profile lets you identify people’s different innovative thinking styles and approaches to problem-solving,

The InQ Survey measures how well those skills are put into practice. Together, they’re the indispensable first steps to realizing your organization’s full innovative potential.

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Basadur Innovation Academy
The Basadur Innovation Academy is a range of eLearning programs. Based on the results of the Basadur Profile and InQ Survey, we provide you with customized learning pathways to build the skills to become more innovative. Modules include Simplexity Thinking, Divergent/Convergent Thinking, Challenge Mapping and Ideation.

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Basadur Innovator’s Toolkit
Just as mechanics need specialist tools to do their job, innovators need their own set of tools to get results.

Our Innovators Toolkit comprises two highly effective assessment tools to determine the innovation styles and strengths of teams. Also included are a set of e-learning modules and our proprietary ‘How Might We’ app.

How you utilize the tools depends on the job in hand. 

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Facilitated Workshops 

Our Facilitated Workshops are application sessions that will get your organization innovating quickly and effectively. A certified practitioner leads you through the Basadur system to help you overcome any complex team or organizational challenge you face.

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Training & Certification 

Training Workshops are where you learn to become a certified Basadur instructor. Once completed, you’re able to pass on your skills and knowledge to others, whether that’s as a trainer in your organization or as a coach or consultant working with your own set of clients.

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Ambasadur Affiliate Program

Why not become an Ambasadur? It’s the name we give to our affiliate partners & consultants that work with organizations utilizing the Basadur Tools & Processes to help their clients generate more innovative results. 

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Academic Program Development

Teaching students to become better innovators
We help academic institutions create innovators by embedding the Basadur Profile and Simplexity Thinking into their curriculums. Problem-solving, creative thinking and team effectiveness are core skills every student needs, and understanding your individual innovation style can have a marked impact on future career decisions. We work with all faculties in universities and colleges around the world, from undergraduate to executive MBA and entrepreneurship programs, and from engineering to architecture to design schools. 

Partnerships/Joint Ventures

We’re always on the lookout for new opportunities to grow our business. In particular we’re interested in finding new partners from all regions of the globe who can deliver the Basadur system to their local markets. If you have a product or service that you feel will benefit by combining forces with us, and provide you with a more effective way to do business, please get in touch.


A key aspect of our business is our academic research on applied innovation, the Basadur Profile and Simplexity Thinking. We’re proud that our work and methodologies are research-based and have been validated and published in many of the world’s leading scientific journals.

Here are some of the publications in which we’ve been featured:

  • Organizational Behavior and Human Performance
  • American Behavioral Scientist
  • International Journal of Intercultural Relations
  • Journal of Applied Behavioral Science
  • Journal of Applied Psychology
  • Journal of Creative Behavior
  • OMEGA: The International Journal of Management Science
  • The Creativity Research Journal

With academics looking to learn from our research and vice-versa, we actively look for opportunities to work with interested parties. If you have an interest in applied innovation, or see the Basadur Profile or Simplexity Thinking being particularly relevant to your area of research, please send us an email.  SEE ALL OF OUR INNOVATION RESEARCH

The Basadur Profile

What sort of innovator are you?
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Apply Innovative Skills, Tools & Techniques

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Simplexity Thinking

A framework for problem-solving,  a pathway to innovation.


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