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The Basadur Profile helps individuals and teams

What if your team doesn't have enough implementers

The Basadur Profile helps to develop happy, collaborative teams and individuals that can innovate effectively and sustainably. It does this by assessing how individuals approach problem solving.

Team Scatter Diagrams

The true power of the Basadur Profile is using it with teams and/or entire organizations.  Not only do you understand your own innovation style, but you also learn the style of each of your teammates.  Since opposing styles are where you see potential conflicts, being aware of each other’s differences is very powerful.  Now, instead of in-fighting and cancelling each other out, you learn to appreciate these differences and build from them.  Harnessing the power of cognitive diversity drives innovative results!

By plotting each person’s style on a graph, the results are visual, immediate, and very telling of the underlying dynamics in the team.  Do we value short term objectives? Do we care about getting things done? Are we have an analytical or imaginative bias?  An in-depth analysis is provided for each team as well as some opportunities for growth.

When a team experiences these results, often during a group debrief, the learnings are monumental – for some life changing.  Everyone takes away some learning that can be directly applied back in their jobs and for many, their personal lives.


The Basadur Profile is sold individually, “pay-as-you-go” and as a yearly unlimited subscription.  Pricing starts at US$60 for corporate users and US$30 for academic and non-profit organizations. For “pay-as-you-go”, we offer different levels of volume discounts.  These levels are tracked so, if you decide to purchase additional profiles, the site keeps track and the pricing changes accordingly. 

Individual Pricing

If you are interested in taking the Profile and don’t envision using this with a team or an organization you are affiliated with, we recommend you just setup a personal account and take the Profile as an individual. 

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“Pay-as-you-go” Pricing

If you have a team or a group of teams inside your organization who are interested in taking the Profile, we recommend you setup and purchase a “pay-as-you-go” account.  These Profiles never expire in your account. 

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Enterprise Accounts

If you envision a large number of participants taking the Profile – e.g. a large organization or student body cohort(s)/institution (300+ users in a calendar year), we recommend you purchase an enterprise subscription. The Profiles in your account expire after the calendar year if they are not used.

The person (account holder/administrator) who creates a multiple-user “organization”, whether “pay-as-you-go” or Enterprise, has the following administration functionality and controls:

  • becomes the account administrator and receives all email correspondence regarding account renewal, etc.
  • has access to all the team member data
  • can create group/team scatter diagram reports
  • gets the team scatter diagram analysis
  • can share the team scatter diagram and analysis with team members
  • can assign other people to administrate the account
  • can move members to different teams
  • has access and control of the team inQ survey which can be emailed to participants in addition to the Profile
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