The Ambasadur Affiliate Program

Become an affiliate partner and get special rates on the whole range of Basadur products.
When you take part in one of our certification workshops you immediately become an Ambasadur – an affiliate partner entitled to special academic rates on all Basadur products. That includes the Basadur Profile, the InQ Survey, e-Learning tools, training and facilitation packages, and the How Might We app.
Every Ambasadur is given an individual promotional code. If you have a client who wants to make use of the innovative power of Basadur, they can use your code to buy any of our products at 5% discount. We will then pay you 30% on the balance of the sale (95% minus credit card transaction fees).
Our Ambasadurs get more and more people using and reselling Basadur products. As our digital offerings grow, they help spread the word and everyone benefits.

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