Create teams that take their innovative ideas and turn them into actions


Build collaborative teams to solve innovative problems

With a clearly defined process, teams will feel valued and motivated to produce actionable results for their organization.


As difficult as problem finding can be, some companies find it even harder to get their employees to take action; the final step in the innovative process.  Identifying and defining the problem is important, but employees must know how to then execute the plan.  

Creating a unified actionable reality provides everyone the confidence to perform their duties.  It is everyone’s responsibility to participate in all aspects of the model: problem formulation, solution formulation, and solution implementation.  When individuals broaden their scope of skills and work together on the process they will be able to then feel confident to take action.


Inclusion and understanding meaning will motivate individuals to adopt and carry through the entire process that aligns with organizational goals.  Show employees how proposed solutions will help solve a myriad of collective and individual problems.  

People resist change because it can be risky, but with a clearly outlined process and continued support and reassurance, employees can feel more confident in executing the action plan on a daily basis.

By clearly defining, communicating, and encouraging the process of innovation employees will feel supported and their confidence will propel them to turn ideas into action.

CLICK HERE for a podcast from Basadur Innovation Talks, as told by Min Basadur.  A story that stresses a common problem in organizations: without processes and checkpoints, often very little gets done.