Basadur Challenge Mapping

Better define the most pressing stakeholder problems in your organization

For over 30 years,  Basadur Challenge Mapping has been relied upon by community organizations, startups, governments, non-profits, SMEs, and Fortune 500 companies to uncover the pressing customer problems that lead to tangible new business and revenue.

Einstein famously said, that “If I were given one hour to save the planet, I would spend 55 minutes defining the problem and 5 minutes resolving it.”

In the world of Venture Capital, there is a suggestion that for every 10 investments made, the hope is that 1 or 2 succeed.   

Inside of walls of corporations, new projects can be known to fail at an even higher rate than Venture Capital investments.

The fact is, that the cost of capital and opportunity costs of working on the wrong problems can set back companies hundreds of millions of dollars.

The Patented Basadur Challenge Mapping Process enables us to help any organization significantly improve the success rate of new projects.

There are 3 fundamental factors that make Challenge Mapping successful.

First, Challenge Mapping helps organizations take the appropriate time to define the REAL real customer problem you are trying to solve.

Secondly, Challenge Mapping perpetuates solving of smaller more manageable, executable problems instead of going for the gold taking monumental leaps where the cost of failure can threaten the entire organization.

Finally, Challenge Mapping focuses on innovation vs. cost-cutting.  Too often leaders are trying to “make their numbers” in the short term at the expense of innovation and focusing on projects that build for the future. 

Discover The Most Pressing Real World Problem With Challenge Mapping

The Basadur Challenge Mapping is a proprietary process and application that can be delivered in person or online. 

Challenge Mapping supports Einstein’s observation that defining the problem is crucial to the success of any new undertaking. 

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