Next Year?!? What About Next Week???

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Next Year?!? What About Next Week???


Many organizations are so focused on the present problems and fighting fires, they leave little headspace for solving future problems. Often, forward thinking companies are very entrepreneurial in nature. The question is, can your company maintain a focus on the present and still hold on to some of that forward thinking entrepreneurial spirit?

How Can This Effect Innovation?

If only there were a way to build a process into an organization that helped business have some way or time focus of what was going to happen in the future to be ready, ahead of the competition.

Summary Of Learnings
  • Many people in organizations need to change but go about it wrongly. They institute crash programs that usually fail because nobody really changes how they think and behave.
  • People who deliberately innovate, or make continuous changes in their products and processes, help their organizations win a competitive edge.
  • People in competitive organizations display three specific characteristics simultaneously: efficiency, adaptability and flexibility. For most people, adaptability is the most difficult to mainstream, but it is the key to innovation.
  • Adaptability requires creativity.
  • Creativity is a continuous process of discovering good problems, solving these problems, and implementing the solutions.
  • Everyone is born with creativity, but iť’s suppressed as we mature in three main ways: our attitudes, our behaviors, and our thought processes.
  • By learning skills to unleash your innate creativity, you can dramatically improve your performance and make valuable change.

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see more lessons in innovative thinking

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