The Key to a Good Proof of Concept

Check your assumptions at the innovation door.

The Key to a Good Proof of Concept


When a group of people within a business are expressing their ideas to one another, it is likely that there will be areas of improvement that will need to be discussed. After all, good design is rarely achieved in one try. It is so important to work with an idea and tinker with it until something arises that is worth bringing to the budget. It requires an entrepreneur to be playful and work with many possible combinations of that one particular idea until something clicks. Once an entrepreneur is confident in their idea, they will then present it to others again for more feedback!

Once the entrepreneur receives feedback from their team, they redesign their idea and present it to a group again. Whether it is the same group or an entirely different group, their different learning styles will continue to brainstorm ideas until they come up with a perfect solution. This is why receiving consensus of interest and approval from others is so important in the business world.

Once this cycle is complete, implementation can take place!



Here are 2 valuable tips to implement successful ideas:

Keep your ideas playful

For most entrepreneurs, their first idea is not always the best idea. This is why collaboration and feedback is so important in the workplace. By saying this, it is important to remember that many ideas that will be sold in the market are trial and error and require everyone’s input. Therefore, businesses need to be playful while working with new ideas!

Unfortunately, this tactic can become tiring for many, especially if their ideas are ignored. So, it is crucial to engage and respond to every idea presented within a group! By removing bias towards particular ideas, the inner playfulness will come out of your employees.

In order to be playful with ideas, an entrepreneur must set aside their ego and work with different variations until they come up with a winning combination.

Always set high aspirations for your ideas

Entrepreneurs should always set high aspirations for their ideas. It has been proven that people come up with more creative combinations when they set expectations for themselves and their ideas. If their imagined combinations do not pass the test, they should continue playing with different combinations until their aspirations are met.

If you take these tips into consideration while generating ideas for a new product in the market, your options will become endless and your team will become so much stronger. 

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