How does your collective team prefer to think during a collaborative or innovative process?

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Do some of your team members have ‘conflicts’ in thinking during collaboration?

Do your team members appreciate each other’s thinking differences during collaborative exercises?

Do you understand your team’s collective thinking styles?

By understanding your own preferred innovation style, you begin to understand not only yourself but the strengths of others on your teams.  Regardless of how one person thinks, it is crucial that each thinking style is equally valued in any innovative or collaborative process.

When people have a clear understanding of their preferred style, it leads to empathy and an acceptance of the thinking styles of everyone on a team.  

This is the key.

This open mindset transcends to more collaborative teams that will drive successful innovation.  Teams that are empathetic also trust each other better.  


There are 4 preferred thinking styles on all teams. What’s your preference?

fact finding

Every team is comprised of a different profile of styles.  This profile can drastically affect the effectiveness and dynamic of a team.  Before you understand the thinking dynamic of a team, it’s time to understand your own style.

What is your thinking style?

Find out now.

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