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“One of the more effective skills in developing strong innovative thinking teams is the ability defer judgment through all aspects of the innovation process.” – Janet Getto

Describe your business on a high level and some of the focus you provide your clients.

We help teams to creatively solve complex problems and co-create strategies that lead to high engagement. We also build and deliver active, immersive innovation skills and culture building workshops.  CONTACT US: Getto Group LLC

What do you feel is a common roadblock to “INNOVATIVE THINKING” or “COLLABORATION” in the organizations you work with. This answer might pertain to other aspects of your organization, simplexity creative thinking or both.

Lack of awareness and mastery of deferral of judgment is a very common roadblock and a skill that is difficult to master. I believe it is a barrier to both innovative thinking and collaboration. 

How long have you been integrating Simplexity into your organization?

We have incorporated simplexity into our practice for over 10 years.

How important do you feel it is in your environment for people to understand how they think innovatively? 

It is incredibly important for people to understand not only how they think but also how to think innovatively. People often associate innovative thinking with only brainstorming on ideas and completely miss the importance of thinking innovatively from the beginning of searching for opportunities or defining and framing challenges.

Do you utilize the Basadur Profile with your clients?


If Yes, how do you utilize the Profile?

It is an effective and fast way to understand diversity of styles and the impact it has on team performance.

How Important do you feel is it for people to understand their thinking styles and thinking styles of others on their team.

Very Important.

How Do you utilize Simplexity In your business? 

The Basadur profile is an excellent tool to help teams quickly value the diversity of thought of each member. Also, I teach and use the CPS thinking skills that are embedded in Simplex. Finally, challenge mapping is a helpful start to unbundling complexity within a challenge. I have added additional tools for problem definition but use challenge mapping as one of my primary tools.


What outcomes or what resonates most about simplexity with your clients? 

I believe an outcome that most clients have that continue to bring them back is the level of engagement they experience by all team members – even those who might have been reluctant at the start. Action plans are owned across the team and do not rest with a small few when the team tackles the challenge together from the start.

Upon completion of a Facilitation or otherwise, what skills do you feel stick most with the individuals. e.g How Might We? Diverging / Converging ? Others

Today, the framework of HMW is not new to most clients nor is divergent thinking. We continue work with more sophisticated teams that have been exposed to these things prior to our introduction. Often, it is the reminder of keeping the thinking skills separate through deferral of judgment. And, also have a way to work systematically through the complexity. Finally, the different styles via the profile is often memorable and very relatable.

Can you provide an example of an OUTCOME (without naming the businesses) where tangible results occurred?

The integration of Simplex CPS was key to success of the nation’s largest accredited community college, serving 200,000 students, in helping to engage hundreds of staff and faculty in a new strategic plan and organizational restructure to be workforce aligned and agile to meet the changing needs of students, employers and community.

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see all simplexity in action here

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