Are you a Driver Of Innovation?

Basadur Applied Innovation launches a ground breaking new study to determine the preferred thinking style of innovative leaders around the world.

Dear Innovators: 

In conjunction with a recent article published in the Harvard Business Review, we are undertaking one of our most exciting initiatives in innovation.

We are curious to know, do those interested in applying innovation in organizations share a similar thinking style?


The Basadur Profile scientifically measures the preferred styles of people and how they think in innovative or problem-solving processes.

There are 4 Styles Required To Solve Problems or Innovate Well: Generators, Conceptualizers, Optimizers, and Implementers.

Please Note: No one style is “better than the other”. To take an idea from start to finish, all 4 styles are required to innovate successfully. Regardless of your preferred style, you are a well needed part of any team. 

*If you would like to learn more about the Basadur Profile, please refer to this Harvard Business Review Article on the 4 types of leaders every business needs.  Click Here

Which one are you? 

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Over 100,000 Innovator Profiles

In a broader global audience, we have identified that:

37% of the world population are considered to be implementers and only 18% of the broader population are Generators.

  • Are you as an innovative leader more aligned with Generators, those that like to bring new ideas to life?
  • Do you best identify as a Conceptualizer that really likes to make sure the problem being solved is well-defined and understood?
  • Do you like to be an Optimizer and turn an idea into a practical solution?
  • Would you best describe yourself as an Implementer and try things out in the real world?

Now it’s time to learn how innovative leaders think!

Why does Innovation Style Matter?

As leaders in innovation, it’s not only important to understand your style, but those on your team. 

  • Do you surround yourself with people that complement your strengths in an innovative process?
  • Is your team comprised of people with different styles so that all stages of problem-solving are appropriately covered?

The structure of a team can determine the difference between the success and failure of a company initiative.

Innovation starts with you.  How do you prefer to think during innovative endeavors?

Yours In Innovation
Steven Thode Co-Lead Innovative Leaders Study (Generator – See My Report)

To Participate In The Study

  1. Please fill out the form below.
  2. Once we collect this information, we will then send appropriate drivers of innovation to a unique code to take their complementary profile
  3. Upon completion of the Profile, you will receive your own results and accompanying analysis.
  4. Finally, upon completion of the study, we will be providing you with a full report and our conclusions.

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