Innovator’s Toolkit

Tools to measure the innovation strength of individuals and teams, with learning modules and app to improve your performance further.

The Tools
Available as a bundled package or pay as-you-go.

Basadur Profile
The Basadur Profile measures your individual preferences for the four stages of the innovation process: generating, conceptualizing, optimizing and implementing. These are then plotted on a two-dimensional graph. The largest quadrant of the graph represents your preferred style, while the sizes of the other quadrants represent your supporting preferences.

The resulting unique blend of styles is your Basadur Profile. Team scatter diagrams are even more revealing, as they indicate a team’s preferences for the innovation process. Research shows that well-balanced, cognitively diverse teams are more innovative.

InQ survey
Whereas the Basadur Profile measures individual preferences, the InQ (Innovation Quotient) survey assesses the quality of your team’s attitudes, skills and behaviors when it comes to problem-solving and innovation. It’s ideally suited to existing teams whose members are used to working together.

Each team member completes the InQ survey by evaluating other team members and assigning a numeric score to attitudes and behaviors depending on how frequently they are observed. The lower the InQ score, the more help a team needs to improve its innovation performance.

Where does your team land on our innovation ladder? The five rungs are innovation novice, innovation beginner, innovation proficient, innovation expert and innovation master.

Online learning modules
A key part of the InQ survey is highlighting skills and behaviors in your team that could be improved with training. In this way the survey is a bridge to gaining ability and furthering your aptitude for the Simplexity Thinking system.

Based on your team’s InQ score, we provide team leaders with customized learning plans to address areas that need development. These can be in divergence, convergence, deferral of judgment, defining the right problem, generating ideas, and so on.

With the InQ survey also measuring team effectiveness around each of the 4 Basadur Profile stages, we provide distinct learning modules geared to improving performance in each one. 

‘How Might We’ app
This problem-definition and challenge-mapping app is designed to allow facilitators and participants to quickly land on ideas in both virtual and face-to-face innovation sessions. Think of it as an almost limitless problem-solving canvas that allows your team to rapidly identify the right problems and move to creative ideas and workable solutions. Using it, your teams will generate countless breakthroughs and ‘Aha’ moments.

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