Basadur Profile Debrief Workshop 

Build A Collaborative Team To Solve Innovative Problems

For over 30 years,  Basadur Profile Workshops have been relied upon by community organizations, startups, governments, non-profits, SMEs, and Fortune 500 companies as a catalyst to build more innovative teams.

 Harness Diversity 

Upon completion of your Basadur Innovation Profile, team members will begin to have a better understanding of their unique preferred innovation thinking styles and leaders will begin to have a clear picture of the structure and cognitive diversity of a team.

 (See Sample Basadur Profile Team Report)

A Collaborative Shift

With further discussion, participants will develop an ability to capitalize on their own preferred orientation which will make their work more satisfying. Additionally, this program will increase conversation among the team to establish greater empathy and an absolute appreciation for diverse thinking in solving difficult problems.  Colleagues will begin to look at people on their teams in an entirely new way. Where once a colleague was viewed as a liability, they will now be considered a complementary asset.

“The Basadur Profile brought out much-needed empathy in our team and gave us plenty of ideas on how to make the outcomes live on” CEO, Fortune 500 Company

thinking innovatively

What will you get with our programs?

  • Team members will gain confidence that their innovation style is a valuable as any team member.
  • An appreciation for other styles and their contribution to innovation
  • An ability to Diagnose and resolve team’s style tensions
  • A desire to form diverse teams which are more likely to succeed
  • Better & faster collaboration.
  • An understanding that innovation is a process which
    everyone can contribute to
  • The desire to navigate collectively all four stages of the innovation process
  • Stronger team communication by providing a common language of innovation
  • Teams will identify performance & innovation improvement opportunities.


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