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The Basadur System of innovation and creative problem solving was developed after extensive academic research and experience in the field. It’s made up of a core problem solving process which puts people at its core throughout its implementation.

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Basadur encompasses the entire process of innovation

Your Team
+ Basadur Process
+ Process Skills & Tools
+ Innovation profile
= Innovative results for
your organization

Organizations thrive when innovation processes are integrated into all aspects of their business

Basadur integrates the Simplexity process of problem solving into the fabric of an organization. They provide a clear process for problem solving, a metric to create balanced teams and they ensure that individuals understand their innovation styles and have the tools they need to tackle any kind of problem.

The Simplexity Thinking Process is applied across…

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Simplexity thinking process and design thinking

Teams are best equipped to problem solve when they have a diverse mix of innovation styles and understand how their colleagues think

Are your teams are optimized for innovation success? A well-balanced team will feel empowered throughout the problem solving process. Understanding team composition will help you identify areas to focus on while problem solving. It will also make team members more respectful of each others’ innovation styles.

The Simplexity Thinking Process

Min Basadur realized that to effectively solve a problem, he first needed to properly identify and define the problem without existing bias. He developed the 8-step Simplexity Thinking Process as a result. This breaks down the process of solving a problem into 3 overarching steps and 8 detailed ones.

Problem Formulation | Solution Formulation | Solution Implementation

The Simplexity Thinking Process guides you through the 8 step process that asks “How might we” from problem finding to action.

Skills & Tools make the Basadur System accessible for everyone

Everyone can innovate with Basadur. No matter what your innovation style is, Skills and Tools help you get the most out of every stage of the process. As you move through the workshops, you’ll find that SImplexity’s systematic approach will make you an Innovation Master in no time!

Individuals can understand their innovation style and its corresponding creative potential

When you have the tools to problem solve you’ll be inspired to innovate. You can apply your innovation style effectively to the problem solving process. Most importantly, you can use tools to navigate the parts of the process that don’t suit your innovation style. You can be an Innovation Master

Applying the Simplexity Thinking Process to Design Thinking

The Design Thinking process and the Basadur System are entirely complementary. Many of the tools used in Design Thinking are easily integrated into the Simplexity Thinking Process. The Basadur System helps build cognitively diverse teams and is the backbone of Design Thinking.

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