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We tackle wicked problems, fuzzy situations, and we power innovative solutions.

Solving Wicked Organizational Challenges

For over 30 years, Basadur has been working with organizations to unleash innovation.  From our experience, no matter what the team, the ability to solve even the thorniest of problems is well within reach with the group you have right in front of you. 


What are ‘wicked’ problems?

The term “wicked problems” was introduced in 1973, by design theorists Horst Rittel and Melvin Webber to draw attention to complexities and challenges which are not straightforward like mathematics or chess.  Instead, these problems lack clarity in both their aims and solutions.

 Organizations are increasingly faced with wicked problems, problems that are characterized by uniqueness, complexity, uncertainty, and problems that have many interdependent factors, which makes them seemly impossible to understand and solve. Additionally, they are often subject to constraints that make more obvious solutions unacceptable. They may have never been seen before and may never be seen again. How to define the problem, therefore, becomes even more important than solving the problem, especially with consensus.

Is your organization facing any wicked problems? Is your workforce well-equipped to pivot, anticipate, respond and strategize in order to stay competitive?

Our Innovation Facilitation will help guide you to not only solve your current wicked problem but all future wicked problems as a group.


Innovation Facilitation Programs

For over 40 years, we have been delivering Team Facilitation Programs aimed at solving wicked problems.  We help organizations uncover their strengths by utilizing a patented innovative problem-solving process to not only correctly diagnose and define problems but also to create surprising, bold, on-target solutions with ownership and commitment to implement.

What will you get?

  • Individual Basadur Profile reports for ALL team members to help them understand their preferred thinking and problem-solving style. 
  • Team Scatter Diagram. See the overall style and cognitive diversity of your team to develop a greater appreciation of why they might prefer certain tasks over others.
  • Profile and Scatter Diagram Debrief. An engaging and in-depth debrief that is perfect for team building
  • A customized innovation session targeted on your wicked problem utilizing the Basadur problem-solving model. (used by Fortune 500 companies like P&G, Microsoft, NASA, Harvard University, Pfizer, Boston Symphony Orchestra, Apple, Amazon)
  • A motivated team with ownership and commitment to make solutions work.

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