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What is your preferred thinking style?

You have been brought to this page as we are inviting a group of professionals to learn about their preferred style of thinking.

Do you know your preferred thinking style? Do you dive right in or make sure the facts are straight? Below is a summary of how people tend to think. That’s not to say we don’t have the ability to think in alternative measures, it’s just that people tend to have preferences.

Take the Basadur Innovation Profile to discover your preferred way of thinking.

Why this might be of interest to you?

Upon completion of the profile, you will immediately have full access to your results. How will you think?

Where this becomes even more interesting is in the analysis of an organizational TEAM.  What if your team has a tendency to think in one way? Will this make it naturally harder for a team to accomplish certain tasks? 

Do you lead a team? How do they think? Do they have a preference?

Your organization might wish to understand the collective preferred style of a team or a group of teams. 

As a first step to better productivity in innovation or in everyday communication, understanding the preferences of your team members can help your company extract more  when “making business happen”. Although people tend to have a preferred style, everyone can be taught to respect  all thinking styles.  

Once you understand your teams preferred style, you can understand why a team functions the way it does and create opportunities to “fill in” require thinking styles for innovation in different parts of the process.

Below you can see a group skewed to implementation. What does this mean?

To the left is an actual example of the collective profiles of an engineering  team that wanted to get new products to market.

When seeing the diagram of the group, we were able to realize the need to get more of the team to “think like generators” during the innovation process.  By doing this, we are capable of making teams more productive.

Teams come in all shapes and sizes. How does your team think?

At Basadur we work with Fortune 500 companies and consultants of these companies to build more effective teams. Our assessment tools help establish a foundation and diagnosis for next steps to make teams more productive. Learn more at www.basadurprofile.com

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