How ATEA Finance Uses The Basadur Profile and SIMPLEXITY for Strategic Annual Business Planning



ATEA logo alongside photo of Karine Haugseth, Head of Product Sales and Development.

Karine Haugseth, Head of Product Sales and Development at ATEA Finance, shares insight on how The Basadur Profile and SIMPLEXITY have created new opportunities for employee engagement, innovation, and organizational growth.

Q1:  What problem does Basadur help you and/or your organization with most?

KH: The SIMPLEXITY method was actually used to form the 2024 strategy for Atea Finance, so that was obviously of great help and worked extremely well. I am also using it for every new initiative that is coming out from the strategy, so it has really been helpful. In addition, it has been used for working with new services and increasing our involvement in our parent company.

To summarize, Basadur helped most with: 

  1. Strategy work
  2. Customer success
  3. New services

Q2: How have people reacted to taking The Profile and the results they received?

KH:  Very positively. We have used The Profile before every workshop now, and seeing the results from The Profile always brings value to the discussions, credibility to the approach and brings attention to the importance of diversity in groups. I would definitely say that having The Profile of the group is a must-have before any workshop. In addition, I would also say it is extremely helpful in general when working in teams and understanding the dynamic of a group.

Q3: Have you noticed any improvement in team dynamics once people have debriefed the results?

KH:  Yes, in many ways. For myself, it is something I now keep in mind when I collaborate with colleagues with different problem-solving styles than myself. Instead of running into challenges, it makes me appreciative of the aspect other candidates can bring into the discussion, and how we need diversity to get the best results. In a group setting, participants love to see their preferred problem-solving style as well as how the group is represented.

Q4: Did taking The Profile help team members to work better when you ran your SIMPLEXITY sessions?

KH: Absolutely, we have seen that when doing SIMPLEXITY sessions with few participants in one quadrant, we are all aware of that when we discuss and go through the different steps of the SIMPLEXITY model.

Q5: Do any other thoughts come to mind about The Profile and how it is perceived in ATEA?

KH: The Profile has been a success every time it has been introduced to new participants in ATEA. I will definitely continue to use The Profile when facilitating different groups, and my experience is that it is an important tool that makes the participants positive to the approach and mindful of the group dynamic.

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