Let's Manage Diversity
This post is brought to you by our partners at and we are proud to share. The recent protests in the streets show us that people really want to be heard and included in how we run things.  These desires can’t help but spill over into organizational life. Leaders will now need to hear the voices of those who before now have not felt empowered to speak. So what can effective leaders do? Creating
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My colleague Shannon Wagers , who is a  corporate  R&D  consultant  at  P&G,  sent this  sketch  to show how he explains Simplexity to those  more familiar with Design Thinking as taught at Stanford.  I asked Shannon for a more complete explanation that  I could pass along in this blog.  His answer follows:   “The Simplexity Process is a universal  flexible framework that encompasses all innovation methodologies, including Creative Problem Solving, Lean, and Design Thinking.    Using Simplexity for
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We live in a world where “solutions” are easy to come by. Advocates, experts and lobbyists offer ready-made answers to complex problems. Politicians take sides and become entrenched in their positions, while people argue back and forth endlessly rather than collaborating. Many solutions are framed as total opposites — like gas and oil versus solar power — and are viewed through the lens of cancelling each other out rather than fitting together in a long-term
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The tremendous impact of the coronavirus is altering the world for all of us in many ways.   No one, including organizational leaders, knows what to do next, where this is going or when it will end.  It could be six months or longer before we get back to anything normal and this new normal is expected to include pocket resurgences of coronavirus around the world. The situation we are in might be closer to World
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One indisputable fact for almost all of us is that change is hard.  It can be even harder for teams composed of people with many different problem-solving styles and diverse backgrounds. So how do you drive change with teams?  One sure way is to find really important problems that are really vital to the organization.  Before you even contemplate making change a priority, here are three vital steps that need to be checked off before
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