Bob Basadur
    How leaders manage the differing creative thinking and problem solving styles has an effect on innovation performance. All individuals, teams and organizations differ in their creative thinking and problem-solving styles. How leaders manage these styles can have a significant effect on innovation performance. The most effective leaders of the 21st
  • be innovative
    Bob Basadur
    If leaders are keen to pursue innovation, they can consider introducing innovation training to develop organizational skills. Some corporations have been leaders in creating new ideas, introducing new ways of living, and influencing positive change for their customers and for society and they have contributed to our lives in every
  • application of the profile
    Bob Basadur
    Finding a specific objective will allow companies to adopt Simplexity and embracing the process leads to infinite possibilities.   As I learned the complexities of consulting with organizations who expressed an interest in adopting Simplexity, it became increasingly clear to me that the leader of the organization had to have a
  • Proof that anyone can learn to innovate
    Bob Basadur
    My belief and experience revealed to me that not only was everyone born with the ability to innovate, but anyone can learn to do it better. Anyone who has gone through the rigor of earning a PhD understands the weeks, months, even years, it can take to decide on a
  • From innovator to teaching innovation
    Bob Basadur
    After 20 years of an amazing innovative career at P&G, although it was an extremely difficult decision, I was ready to expand my horizons. At the same time, The School of Business at McMaster University in Hamilton, Ontario was searching for an individual who would launch a brand-new program in
  • Bob Basadur
    Without fostering innovation, you risk losing out on new ideas and business opportunities. In today’s competitive business environment, it’s important to have a culture of innovation that encourages the growth and development of both your company and your staff. Without fostering innovation, you risk losing out on new ideas and