Criteria of Choice: How do we Choose the Best Criteria to Set Forward?

Check your assumptions at the innovation door.

Criteria of Choice: How do we Choose the Best Criteria to Set Forward?


The criteria grid method helps you judge your selected possible solutions against each of a few selected criteria. In doing so, we must first ask the question “By what criteria might we evaluate our selected ideas?”. Then, we will select the most important solutions!

For example, when an individual is purchasing a new vehicle, they take factors into account upon purchasing including its initial cost, gas mileage and access to service and roominess. Then, you will determine the most efficient car through ranking the criteria of each model. With that being said, there isn’t always a solution after evaluating specific criteria. Sometimes you will have to start the evaluation process again but this is the jyst.

We recommend ranking the different criteria in a chart where you can visualize the differences between each of the options at hand and imagine the best solution! In doing so, once the grid/table is filled, you can weigh the criteria if you think they carry significantly different importance or impact.

Once you have visually ranked each criteria, it becomes easier to evaluate what the best solution is for the topic up for debate. It is important to avoid weighing the criteria for evaluating the best solution. In doing so, the individual evaluating the best solution will avoid the potential of placing personal bias on one specific criterion. An important thing to consider throughout this decision making process is the idea that the ranking system is used not to choose a solution by the highest rank, but to spark a valuable conversation with the individuals who are discussing the greatest solution for the ideas at hand. In many cases, there will be a significant amount of value for many of the topics that are being discussed. Rather than resorting to the criterion that is ranked the highest, this will instead open up the floor to conversation which will allow the group’s imagination to flourish.

Some other important things to avoid while adopting the grid method includes:

  • Using realistic numbers to evaluate the criterion
  • Avoid bias by getting more individuals involved in decision making
  • Avoid making decision making individualized, everybodies opinions should be valid

Now that we have gone into depth about the significance of the criteria of choice method, we urge you to try out this strategy for your next decision making project. For more information on how to enhance the skills in your workplace, visit our website, where we regularly post blogs on effective tips to improve your workplace!

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