Innovative results through an interconnected system.

Simple, experiential, inclusive.

Everyone wants innovation. But how is it achieved? For more than 40 years Basadur has been providing organizations around the world with an integrated, measurable system to unlock their creativity and innovation. Its key? Releasing the innovative power within all of us.

The Basadur Profile

You’re an innovator. You just don’t know it yet.
A unique, research-based instrument that helps you identify the different approaches to problem-solving and innovation, and tap into the full range of thinking and resources at your disposal.

Are you a Generator
A Conceptualizer
An Optimizer
Or an Implementer
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How innovative is your team?
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The best teams have a mix of Generators, Conceptualizers, Optimizers and Implementers. But as our scatter diagrams show, it’s rare to have a complete balance. The InQ survey tells you how your team performs, and where improvements can be made.


Simplexity Thinking

A system for problem-solving, a pathway to innovation.
Simplexity Thinking builds on the Basadur Profile, overlaying the detail to form a wholly integrated process with innovation at its core.

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Skills & Techniques

Tried-and tested methods to help you master the Basadur system.

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Products & Services

Learn how to innovate with a Basadur workshop, course or training program.

Giving you the innovation skills you need, you decide how you want to learn – online or in person.
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Who we work with

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Your guide to upcoming workshops, programs, webinars and courses, including simple online booking tool.


Become an Innovator

Training & Certification workshops that teach you the process of innovation and qualify you as a Basadur instructor.

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An overview of our work in academic research, and how Basadur can help studies into applied innovation.

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