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The Basadur System has three key components:

The Basadur Innovation Profile

The Basadur Innovation Profile empowers teams to work better. Every team member has his or her own process of thinking. Within that process, each person has a different preference or style within that process. Digging deeper and learning more about individual problem solving styles can go a long way towards building these critical characteristics.

The Simplexity Thinking Process

Solving complex, fuzzy problems and building a roadmap for the future is hard work. Viewing the fuzzy situation from a deliberately neutral position, the Simplexity Thinking process focuses a group through problem formulation to solution implementation using eight clear steps.

Innovation and Facilitation Tools

The Basadur System has an inclusive view of innovation and creativity that includes both analytical and imaginative thinking skills. The Simplexity Thinking Process recognizes that everyone is creative and that everyone contributes to the creative process in different ways. Multiple tools are in place to make all parts of the Simplexity Thinking Process accessible.

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Our Services

  • Workshops, Training & Facilitation

    Basadur can lead your team through and train your team to master the innovation process 

  • Team Building & Organizational Change

    Basadur can embed innovation into your organization

  • Problem Solving & Growth Engineering

    Basadur can help you define problems and build a roadmap to implement a solution

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Basadur Innovation Partners and Professional Innovation Advisors are available to train your people, facilitate innovation workshops or change programmes anywhere in the world

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