How might leaders map out their program for building prosperity on a foundation of engagement and creative thinking?  


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How might leaders map out their program for building prosperity on a foundation of engagement and creative thinking? 

Like their global counterparts everywhere, many Egyptian organizations are thirsting for a blueprint to follow to increase performance in these uncertain times. They are finding this a difficult task because things are not what they used to be. They are finding that how they provide value to consumers is no longer clear nor linear, but much more elusive and ambiguous.

Many are turning their attention to attempting to become more innovative. One of the major challenges cited by Egyptian enterprises is to transition their business culture into one that engages employees at all levels in using their creative problem solving skills to making things better. The good news is that there is a proven readily available method to enable this transition.  We have offered a new approach to organizational adaptability and ingenuity in which deep skill in executing creativity as a standard everyday process is the key, equally important to traditional deep skill in executing traditional efficiency processes.

With the new culture of a nation ripe for development after a successful revolution from autocracy, it is most prudent that innovation and creative problem solving be a core mindset in the general business culture to empower breakthrough improvements/changes versus just small scale steps forward. There is a huge opportunity for Egypt’s societal and organizational leaders to embrace and use this four-stage process as a blueprint for cycling through of all four stages as a consistent innovation process just as they have standardized other processes.

In other words, a creative problem solving process and the CPSP can be used to manage societal and organizational innovation and change, and to engage people and employees in adaptability work as a deliberate means for motivation and increased effectiveness in the face of accelerating change and increased competition.

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