Progress Gets Lip Service

To truly get quality results, an organization needs a commitment to innovation.

Progress Gets Lip Service


Growth, even as a child comes with struggle.
Within an organization, progress and growth like anything else can take a change in behavior and these changes often are “stressful” like shedding skin. The good new is that on the other side of struggle can be some incredible gain.
As we all know doing things the same way, is often much easier, but it certainly has a lower chance of yielding growth. Growth is a process. So is a commitment to innovate.

How Can This Affect Innovation?

A process to accepting changes and growth might allow your business team to recognize that just identifying a problem is not enough.

The back seat driver mentality rarely works out so well.

Of course, part of the process is identifying the problems, but to really implement change, another part of the process should be to implement change. Ideas are a dime a dozen if they are not implemented.

Here’s the good news, within your organization, you likely have the people that have the propensity to affect change that might be suggested by the back seat driver. 

Innovation happens when the team gets together and not only recognizes problems, but commits to working together to solve them.

Summary Of Learnings

  • To distinguish yourself from the pack, you must understand the crucial difference between content-“what” you’re doing-and process-“how” you’re doing it.
  • Quality results = Content + process + process skills
  • Simplexity is a learnable technology for managing process in your job and in your organization.
  • Managing process using Simplex is synonymous with innovating.
  • Just as organizations created formal R&D departments to mainstream innovation for their products, organizations must now formally mainstream innovation for their processes. When every member’s job includes innovating, then innovation has been mainstreamed.
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