Creativity Course For University & College Professors

Drive innovation in your classroom with a complete 12 lesson Applied Creativity Course

For over 30 years, Basadur has been worked with Educators around the globe to help leaders and students apply creativity in real-world settings.


Why Leverage our Course?

  • Our 12-lesson fully prepared course enables students to immerse themselves fully in innovative and creative thinking.
  • Instructors can easily deliver a tried and tested experiential program to engage students to learn their capabilities in innovation and creativity.
  • The course itself capitalizes on experience and extensive research to take students through a journey of creative problem-solving & critical thinking skills.

There is a positive measurable correlation between teams who embrace cognitive diversity, and teams who exhibit high creativity, innovation and collaborative performance.

What is included in the course?

The course includes detailed instructor notes, slides, and an immersive student workbook filled with experiential exercises.

What is the cost of the course?

We are offering this course to all instructors at no charge (with students covering the course costs as part of their standard course materials purchase).

Measure the cognitive differences of your team with the Basadur Profile.

What will you get?

  • ALL team members will get their own profile assessment report to help them understand their preferred thinking and problem-solving styles. 
  • Team leaders will receive a Team Scatter Diagram to help analyze both potential innovation “biases” and cognitive style “diversity” of the team. Share this with your team and watch the conversations explode.
  • Leverage our Profile Debriefs as a team-building exercise to help everyone embrace their cognitive strengths.

The Results!

  1. As a leader you will have the ability to identify and pinpoint tensions and eliminate many of them.
  2. Your team members will better understand their own preferred thinking and problem-solving tendencies and realize their value in innovative projects.
  3. Your team will understand and value the diverse thinking preferences of their team members in order to promote organizational success.
  4. Your team will begin to turn tensions into synergetic energy.
  5. With this knowledge, teams will be well on their way to tackling problems in a far more collaborative way.  

What are people saying?

A wonderful way to tackle the challenge of teaching creativity

“This work is a very important contribution to creativity and how it can be taught to students!”

“Always of value to our teaching of applied creativity.” 

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